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Access Control



Introducing Flowte Sport Scanning Technology, including our laser barcode and QR code scanner ranges.

All barcodes are desinged to work with Flowte Sport mobile application.

Ticket taking has never been faster with barcode scanning
device or mobile app for easy & affordable access contrtol.

Gone are the days of tethered scanners or expensive,
heavy wireless scanners requiring docking stations and
challenging programming.


There are many advantages for your stadium in using a turnstile. These include improved security, effective integration with the Flowte Sport access control system and increased operational flexibility.

There are three general styles of turnstile used in the sports ticketing industry, Full height static, Half height Static Turnstile or the Half height portable turnstile. Flowte Sport works with any turnstile type or manufacturer including Ski Data, Hayward, Fortress etc

Once integrated your tunrstile readers can scan any kind of ticket from Flowte Sport including tickets on mobile phone screeens. You can also scan thermal tickets, eTickets, season / membership cards or wristbands.


Flowte Sport’s Access Control dashboards will empower your stadium to make data driven decisions.

See at a glance the total number of tickets sold for your events, broken down by stadium entrance.

As tickets are scanned by operators the figures shown under the various headings (Scanned; Remaining; % Scanned; etc) will update as your customers enter your venue

This provides management with a real-time view of the flow of customers into the venue.

This will help to identify any potential bottlenecks or risks requiring remedial action.

The total number of scans and accepted/rejected scans is also shown graphically by time, for quick and easy reference.

Drill down on charts and dashboards for root cause analysis. Slice and dice data with input parameters. Access dashboards in any browser